Welcome to the Hong Group at MIT


6/26/2018: The group celebrated Byungsu and Myungwoon successfully defending their theses!
11/20/2017: Matt's study of cholesterol binding to the influenza M2 protein is now published in PNAS. Check out the MIT News and Boston Globe articles about this study.
11/15/2017: We are excited to welcome our new first year PhD students, Chloe Morgan and Aurelio Dregni, to our research group!
11/1/2017: Congratulations to Matthias for receiving the Leopoldina Postdoctoral Fellowship from the German National Academy of Sciences.
4/26/2017: We would like to welcome our new postdoctoral scholar, Dr. Matthias K. Roos!
11/10/2016: We warmly welcome our new first year PhD student, Alex Shcherbakov!
10/19/2016: Our 600 MHz NMR magnet has been installed, along with a suite of 4, 3.2, 1.9, and 1.3 mm MAS probes.
9/1/2016: We welcome the newest addition to our lab: postdoctoral scholar Dr. Chandan Singh!
11/12/2015: We would like to welcome our new first year PhD students: Pyae Phyo, Martin Gelenter, and Venkata Shiva Mandala!
10/14/2015: Congratulations to Tuo for successfully defending his PhD thesis.
5/11/2015: Our 800 MHz NMR console and probe are installed and up and running!
3/15/2015: The 800 MHz NMR magnet was lifted into our newly renovated lab through the roof of the magnet lab.
02/27/2015: Congratulations to Tuo for receiving Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad.
1/5/2015: We warmly welcome Aaron van Dyne to join our group!
12/19/2014: Our structural study of a de novo Zn2+ transporter designed by the DeGrado group is now published in Science. 13C and 19F NMR data show that this “Rocker” peptide forms an antiparallel 4-helix bundle that is highly dynamic in the lipid membrane.
12/18/2014: Jon and Tuo’s manuscript on relaxation-compensated 2D 13C correlation NMR is now published on line at the Journal of Biomolecular NMR.
11/12/2014: We warmly welcome Matt Elkins to join our group!
November 2014: Our 400 MHz NMR has been installed.  
September 2014: Planning for the space renovation for the 800 MHz NMR started.
September 2014: Our wet lab is now up and running!
8/25/2014:  Jon’s perspective article on water polarization transfer NMR for probing membrane protein structure is now published at the Journal of Magnetic Resonance and has been selected as the cover article.