Group Members

   Byungsu Kwon
   Seoul National University of
   Science and Technology
   Entry year: 2011
    Myungwoon Lee
    University of Seoul
    Entry year: 2012
   Swarthmore College
   Entry year: 2014
   Pyae Phyo
    Berea College
    Entry year: 2015

   Martin D. Gelenter

    University of California, Berkeley
    Entry year: 2015


   Venkata Shiva Mandala
    Oberlin College
    Entry year: 2015

    Alex Shcherbakov
    University of Washington
    Entry year: 2016
    Martin Luther University
    Entry year: 2017
  Chloe Morgan
   New York University
   Entry year: 2017
  Aurelio J. Dregni
   University of Minnesota
   Entry year: 2017
   Graduate students, postdocs
    and visiting professors